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Omron M3 upper arm blood pressure monitor (latest model)

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(16 customer reviews)

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Often bought together

Duracell AA Industrial batteries Procell (4 pieces)

Duracell AA Industrial batteries Procell are special alkaline batteries that are used in industry. They have a lot of power, making them ideal for a blood pressure monitor. This allows you to measure reliably. The batteries are not rechargeable. The batteries are supplied in a special blister.

Omron flexible (children's) cuff small (17-22 cm)

The Omron CS2 (children's) cuff small (HEM-CS24) is a soft and flexible cuff that is suitable for upper arm circumferences of 17 to 22 centimeters. It is the smallest size cuff from Omron. The cuff is suitable for children and seniors with thinner arms. The cuff comes with 3 cuff plugs so that it can be connected to the following blood pressure monitors:

-Omron M2
- Omron M3 (2020+ model)
- Omron M3 (2015 - 2019 model)

The cuff is not suitable for 'Comfort' devices or for devices that use the Omron Intelli wrap cuff.

The cuff is delivered to you complete.

  • Flexible cuff
  • Suitable for children
  • Suitable for seniors
  • Upper arm circumference 17 - 22 centimeters
  • Includes hose and 3 cuff plugs (different sizes, depending on which Omron device)
  • 1 year warranty

Omron mains adapter for upper arm blood pressure monitors

The Omron universal adapter can be connected to your Omron upper arm blood pressure monitor. This means you do not need to use batteries if you want to take a blood pressure measurement. This saves batteries and the environment. The Omron adapter can be plugged into any 220 volt 550mA European socket.

The adapter is suitable for:

The adapter is not suitable for charging batteries. The adapter cannot be used to charge wrist blood pressure monitors either. These only work on AAA batteries.

Have you already bought a blood pressure monitor from us but forgot to buy an adapter? You can buy the adapter from us afterwards with the combination discount. Please contact us for this. 

The advantages of the Omron M3 upper arm blood pressure monitor:

  • New 2020 model
  • Clinically validated in accordance with ESH2010 standard
  • Listed on StrideBP (recommended by the Heart Foundation)
  • Large and easy to read LCD display
  • Omron flexible Easy Cuff (22 - 42 cm upper arm circumference)
  • Cuff Monitoring System – indicates if the cuff is properly attached
  • Intellisense technique - correct measurement without over-inflating the cuff
  • Average last 3 measurements (manual calculation)
  • 2 user profiles with 60 memory spaces each
  • 5 year warranty

Optionally there is one adapter from Omron available. By using an adapter instead of batteries, the blood pressure monitor always has enough power to take an accurate measurement. You also save the environment.

The Omron M3 blood pressure monitor is also available with a contoured comfort cuff from Omron. This blood pressure monitor is known as the Omron M3 Comfort.

Order your new blood pressure monitor easily

The Omron M3 is an excellent blood pressure monitor that provides an accurate measurement. If you want to order, simply place it in your shopping cart. For more information about this model or any other model from Omron, like the Omron M6 Comfort, please contact us. Call 0182 – 239393 or send an e-mail to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop.

We are the official distributor of Omron blood pressure monitors. The blood pressure monitors we supply are official Dutch models with Dutch manual and a 3-year warranty!

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Plus & minuses

  • Very easy to use, reliable measurement at the touch of a button.
  • Cuff control system that indicates whether the cuff is properly tightened.
  • Suitable for 2 users. Each user can save 60 individual measurements.
  • Flexible cuff can be more difficult to put on than a preformed cuff. The same blood pressure monitor but with a pre-shaped cuff is the Omron M3 Comfort.
  • Average can only be calculated manually within a 10-minute period.
  • No smartphone connection possible.

Frequently asked questions about this product

  • Is a larger tire available?
  • No Unfortunately not. The only strap that is available is the one that is included. This is suitable for upper arms from 22 to 42 cm. Omron does not offer larger cuff sizes for consumer blood pressure monitors.
  • Can a preformed cuff be connected.
  • Yes, a preformed cuff can be connected. However, this is the Omron M3 Comfort model. You better consider getting a Omron M3 Comfort to purchase.
  • Is a smaller tire available?
  • Yes, it is possible to connect a smaller (children's) band to the blood pressure monitor. The smallest size in consumer blood pressure monitors is small. That is suitable for upper arms from 17 to 22 centimeters.

Package contents

The Omron M3 comes complete. You will find everything in the box to start measuring right away. The box contains:

  • Omron M3 upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • Omron flexible cuff Easy Cuff 22 – 42 cm
  • 4x AA factory batteries (suitable for measuring +/- 50x)
  • Manual (2 parts)
  • storage bag

Useful documents and links

Useful documents associated with the Omron M3 upper arm blood pressure monitor:

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icon return period  30 days cooling-off period **

The Omron M3 is one of the most popular blood pressure monitors from the Japanese brand Omron. A new model was launched in January 2020. The blood pressure monitor has been given a new look, but remains an excellent buy in terms of price-quality ratio. In the Consumers' Association test of 2015, one of its predecessors was chosen as Best Buy. This blood pressure monitor has a large and clear display on which you can easily read the blood pressure values. With the large one-button control you can easily start a blood pressure measurement.

The Omron M3 comes with a flexible cuff in the size medium / large. Optionally, it is also possible to connect a (children's) cuff. The device has two user profiles with 60 memory locations each. An average blood pressure value can be manually calculated over the last three measurements, if these measurements are taken within ten minutes. In addition, there is an irregular heart rate detection. The advantages of this blood pressure monitor:

The Omron M3 is an excellent upper arm blood pressure monitor for those who need to measure regularly and want little fuss. After unpacking, the blood pressure monitor can be used quickly to take an accurate measurement. With a push on the large blue button a measurement is started immediately. The measurement results are easy to read on the large screen.

The blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated in accordance with the ESH2010 protocol. Because the Omron M3 complies with this protocol, you can assume that the measurements are very accurate. It is recommended, among others by the Heart Foundation, to always measure with a clinically validated blood pressure monitor.


The Omron MXNUMX upper arm blood pressure monitor has room for XNUMX personal profiles. By using the button on the bottom left it's possible to switch between both profiles. This allows a second person in the household to use the blood pressure monitor without affecting the other measurements in the memory. Each user has XNUMX memory locations available.

It is also possible to calculate an average blood pressure with the Omron M3. This needs to be done manually. If you take 3 measurements within a time period of 10 minutes, you can have an average calculated at the push of a button. An average blood pressure reading is more accurate than a single reading.

The M3 blood pressure monitor is also equipped with a heart rate monitor. The heart rate is shown with each blood pressure reading. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, a symbol will light up. Finally, on the blood pressure monitor you will find a motion sensor and cuff wrapping guide. This allows you to know whether there has been movement during the measurement and whether the cuff is correctly connected.

Easy Cuff

The Omron M3 comes with an Easy cuff. This is a flexible cuff in size medium / large. That is for upper arm circumferences of 22 to 42 centimeters. Optionally, it is possible to connect a (children's) cuff. This one is for upper arm circumferences from 17 to 22 centimeters. An extra large cuff is unfortunately not possible.

Omron Intellisense™ technology

The Omron M3 uses the patented Omron Intellisense ™ technology. This technology ensures that the cuff is always correctly and precisely inflated. The cuff will never be inflated too hard, making it comfortable to wear.

Additional information
Weight 0,340 kg.
Dimensions 15,2x10,5x8,5 cm


Type number


Location measurement

Upper arm

Manufacturer code


EAN number


Warranty period

5 years

Repair type


dabl® list entry


Tested by Consumers' Association


Clinical Validation

Yes, for general population

Stroke prevention


Operation blood pressure monitor

Fully automatic

Measurement technology

Oscillometric method

Measuring range


Heart rate monitor / pulse speed measurement


Heart rate monitor measuring range

40-180 beats per minute

Cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) detection


3-fold measurement

Yes, measure 3 times manually

Weekly averages


Morning hypertension


Intellisense technique


Motion detection


High blood pressure indication


Trend graph blood pressure


Graphic display of blood pressure


WHO indication


Cuff included?


Cuff circumference

22 - 42 cm

Large cuff in option


Small cuff in option


Type of display

Digital LCD display

Date and time display


Speaking function


Noiseless measurement


Memory function


Number of personal profiles


Number of memory places per person


Computer connection


Automatic shutdown


Power supply (power supply)

AC adapter (mains), AA batteries

Adapter connection


AC adapter in option


Cuff type

Flexible cuff



STRIDE BP listing (recommended Heart Foundation)

Yes, listed on STRIDE BP list

Smartphone connection


Target audience

Children, Elderly (70+), Adults

Cuff size

Medium (22 - 32 cm), Large (32 - 42 cm)

Medium cuff in option


Extra large cuff in option


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16 reviews for Omron M3 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (Latest Model)

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