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Upper arm blood pressure monitors

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Are you looking for a good upper arm blood pressure monitor at a competitive price and with a reliability you can rely on? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for at Blood pressure meter.shop. We offer you the largest range of reliable blood pressure monitors from various premium brands, such as Omron, Beurer and Hartmann Veroval.

Would you Compare Omron blood pressure monitors? We have made a handy overview for you. 

How do upper arm blood pressure monitors work?

The Heart Foundation advises to use an upper arm blood pressure monitor, because it gives a reliable result. This device measures the blood pressure via the upper arm with a special cuff. The cuff inflates and builds up pressure in the arteries. Then the pressure is released again. The sphygmomanometer measures the vibrations in the vessel wall during the closing and opening of the artery.

How do you use the blood pressure monitor correctly?

Correct use is very important with upper arm blood pressure monitors. Read the manual of the blood pressure monitor carefully. Blood pressure can vary widely throughout the day. Measure blood pressure therefore twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Keep an interval of five minutes. During the first measurement, the blood pressure may be higher. Blood pressure often drops during a period of rest.

Which blood pressure monitor is best for home use?

Upper arm blood pressure monitors provide an accurate measurement result. It is important that you adopt the right attitude. This means that you keep the legs together and let the arm rest on the table or the armrest. This is different from a wrist blood pressure monitor. With this type of blood pressure monitor, the pulse must be kept at the height of the heart. In this position it is difficult to keep the arm still, but it is important. The wrist blood pressure monitor is very sensitive to movements. If your doctor advises you to measure blood pressure at home, it is best to opt for an upper arm blood pressure monitor.

Choose from a wide range of upper arm blood pressure monitors

We offer a wide collection of upper arm blood pressure monitors. The better devices are equipped with multiple memory locations, one-button operation or analysis software. A calculation of the mean blood pressure is useful, but not necessarily necessary. Digital devices offer the possibility to share data with the general practitioner. This gives the doctor a better insight into your average blood pressure.

Similarities and differences between the various models

All upper arm blood pressure monitors that you can buy from us provide an accurate measurement. Depending on the model, an irregular heartbeat may display a message. The cuff fits comfortably around the upper arm and measures the lower and upper pressure. These devices operate on two to four AA batteries and come with a storage pouch. This way you can easily take the blood pressure monitor with you wherever you go.

Extensively tested blood pressure monitors from renowned brands

You can choose from upper arm blood pressure monitors from various renowned brands. It's important to get one of the better blood pressure monitors from OmronBeurerBrown of micro life to purchase. These not only offer more user-friendliness, but also ensure a reliable measurement result. The upper arm blood pressure monitors are regularly subjected to a test, carried out by the Dutch Consumers' AssociationHeart Foundation and other independent organizations or foundations. These tests show the best blood pressure monitors, suitable for daily use.

Inquire about the type of blood pressure monitor that is best for you

Do you have a question or do you want to know which type of blood pressure monitor is suitable for you? Then take it completely without obligation contact contact us by sending an email to info@bloodpressuremonitor.shop or by calling 0182 – 239393. Would you like to compare Omron upper arm blood pressure monitors? Check it out the handy overview that we made especially for you.