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Are you looking for a good upper arm blood pressure monitor at a competitive price? A blood pressure monitor you can trust to be reliable? You have come to the right place. 

We offer you the widest range of reliable blood pressure monitors from various A brands such as Omron, Beurer and Hartmann Veroval.

Do you have a question or would you like to know which blood pressure monitor is right for you? Please feel free to Contact us.

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Upper arm blood pressure monitors, how do they work?

The Heart Foundation recommends using an upper arm blood pressure monitor because it gives reliable results. This device takes a blood pressure measurement through the upper arm with a special cuff. The cuff is inflated and builds up the pressure in the arteries. Then the pressure is reduced again. The blood pressure monitor measures the vibrations in the vascular wall during the compression and opening of the artery.

Correct use of upper arm blood pressure monitors is important. So read the manual of the blood pressure monitor carefully. Blood pressure can vary greatly throughout the day. Measure blood pressure therefore twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Keep an interval of 5 minutes. Blood pressure may be higher during the first measurement. Blood pressure often drops during a rest period.

Upper arm blood pressure monitor or wrist blood pressure monitor?

Upper arm blood pressure monitors give an accurate measurement result. However, it is important that you assume a correct posture. This means that you keep your legs together and let your arm rest on the table or the armrest. This differs from a wrist blood pressure monitor. With a wrist blood pressure monitor, the wrist must be held at the level of the heart. In this position it is difficult to keep the arm still, but this is important. This is because the wrist blood pressure monitor is very sensitive to movement. Those who are advised by their family doctor to measure their blood pressure at home choose an upper arm blood pressure monitor.

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We offer a wide collection of upper arm blood pressure monitors. The better devices come with multiple memory locations, one-button controls or analysis software. A calculation of average blood pressure is convenient, but not necessarily necessary. Digital devices offer the ability to share data with your doctor. This gives the doctor a better insight into your average blood pressure.

All upper arm blood pressure monitors provide an accurate measurement. Depending on the model, an irregular heartbeat message may be displayed. The cuff fits comfortably around the upper arm and measures the lower and upper pressure. These devices operate on two to four AA batteries and come with a storage pouch. This way you can easily take the blood pressure monitor with you wherever you go.

Above you will find a wide overview of upper arm blood pressure monitors. Blood pressure monitors that measure on the upper arm are more accurate than other types of blood pressure monitors. There are several upper arm blood pressure monitors on the market. It's important to buy one of the better blood pressure monitors from Omron, Beurer, Brown of Microlife . These not only offer greater ease of use, but also ensure a reliable measurement result. Upper arm blood pressure monitors are regularly subjected to a test performed by the Dutch Consumers' AssociationHeart Foundation or another independent organization or foundation. These tests reveal the best blood pressure monitors, suitable for everyday use.

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