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Manual blood pressure monitors

A manual blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure according to the auscultatory measurement method. You inflate the cuff manually and listen through a stethoscope to the heart rate to determine blood pressure.

We provide a minimum of 2 years manufacturer's warranty on all manual blood pressure monitors. In addition, we also offer a on various Welch Allyn manual blood pressure monitors lifetime calibration guarantee. This way you know that you always accurately measure the blood pressure manually.
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Buy a manual blood pressure monitor?

If you are looking for a good manual blood pressure monitor, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of high-quality manual blood pressure monitors. The blood pressure monitors we supply are from recognized A-brands such as Welch Allyn, Microlife and Heine.

Auscultatory Blood Pressure Measurement

With a manual blood pressure monitor you can perform an auscultatory blood pressure measurement. An auscultatory blood pressure measurement is considered the gold standard in blood pressure measurement. It is considered by several doctors to be the most reliable blood pressure measurement.

In practice, there can be little difference in the measurements between a digital blood pressure monitor and a manual blood pressure monitor. Both can measure equally accurately. For a digital blood pressure monitor, we recommend that you always measure with a clinically validated blood pressure monitor. 

An auscultatory blood pressure measurement is not easy for the layman to perform. It is recommended to have a medical background and experience in manual blood pressure measurement. Manual blood pressure monitors are often used by general practitioners and people with a medical background. For private individuals it is recommended to measure with a digital upper arm blood pressure monitor.

To perform a good measurement with a manual blood pressure monitor, you must have good hearing. If the hearing is impaired, you can still take a measurement by feeling on the pulse, but this is not recommended in accordance with the standards. 

How does a manual blood pressure monitor work

A manual blood pressure monitor, as the name implies, works manually. To take an accurate measurement, the arm must be relaxed. The cuff should be placed around the upper arm. About 2 to 3 centimeters from the elbow crease. The center of the cuff should preferably be at the center of the sternum. This is at the height of the heart.

In order to hear the tones properly, we recommend that you use a reliable stethoscope. The stethoscope is placed on the brachial artery. 

With the special air balloon (bellows) you can inflate the cuff to the required level. You inflate the cuff until the radial artery can no longer be felt. As an extra, it is recommended to pump an additional 30 mmHg afterwards. 

There is a control valve on the bellows. You open it slowly so that the pressure drops by 2 to 3 mmHg per second. 

Then listen carefully to tones. The systolic (top) pressure is then read off the screen. You can also determine this by feeling on the pulse. When the pulse can be felt again, you have determined the upper pressure. 

To determine the diastolic (under) pressure, continue listening until the tones are no longer audible. The cuff may then be fully deflated and removed.

Welch Allyn Lifetime Calibration Warranty

To reliably measure blood pressure manually, the American manufacturer offers a lifetime calibration guarantee on various models. This way you know that you can accurately measure blood pressure now, but also in the future. The Welch Allyn manual blood pressure monitor is checked by Welch Allyn. To make use of this, please contact us. 

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